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Man overboard recovery made simple

Mobmat is easy and simple to deploy


Open the Mobmat Railbag


Connect the main or spinnaker hayard to the 'D' rings of the Mobmat or use a block and tackle arrangement on the end of the halyard

Place over the side of the boat and the Mobmat will open. If not already adjusted lower so the Mobmat is below the surface of the water

Get the casualty in the Mobmat and hoist casualty up and on to the deck  Read More...

MobMat brings a simple and effective solution to man overboard recovery for small craft, especially for short handed crew, No complicated set up, just connect to a halyard and put over the side for fast and simple deployment


The MobMat system is a semi rigid lifting cradle. The casualty is not rolled up the side of the vessel but remains horizontal, This reduces the chances of heart failure due to hydrostatic squeeze

RibMat is a variant of MobMat designed for boats with limited lifting height Read more...

What people say

The Mobmat is a simple-to-use man overboard recovery device that meets the MCA regulations for equipment of this kind. Most importantly, it enables recovery of an unconscious or injured person, which is unfortunately a realistic scenario and one that is often not considered when equipping a vessel. It is one of the most effective and best value systems of its kind and should be considered essential equipment for every vessel going offshore”.

Jonathan Massey, Accredited MCA Coding surveyor, Principal Surveyor UK Yacht Surveyors Ltd.


'Well we went around the World successfully and never used the Mobmat but we were constantly delighted we had it.'

Quote from Peter Forbes after completing his round the world circumnavigation aboard his boat Carang

'I have received my Mobmat and I must congratulate you on designing something so simple and practical.  I have a Halberg Rassy 54 and have been worried about getting an Mob back on board for a long time because of the high freeboard. Of all the ideas I have considered, this is the most sensible and easiest to rig.'

Quote from RB