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Man overboard recovery made simple

MobMat is a simple and easy to deploy man overboard recovery cradle. Designed by Liz Rolfs who was concerned about getting a man overboard casualty back on board the boat when sailing short handed, the idea evolved after undertaking the sea survival course in preparation for an Atlantic crossing


The cradle is made of webbing and PVC, with a mesh bottom to allow water to drain through. The shape of the cradle is maintained using battens sewn into the base of the cradle. This gives sufficient weight to sink the MobMat in the water to enable the casualty to get in. Even if the casualty is unconscious the they can be pulled into the cradle (see demonstration video)


The MobMat is supplied with lanyards which can be used to steady the cradle or the cradle can be tucked under the top guard rail to reduce any pendulum effect from the roll of the boat


It is recommended that a 6:1 block and tackle is used at the end of the halyard so the the rescuer can lift the casualty at the side of the boat rather than moving to the winch to recover


MobMat is also supplied with a sheet that can be attached to the base of the cradle which allows it to be used as a collision mat which can be pulled under the boat and securely fixed to reduce water ingress in the case of hull damage or a leaking seacock


Mobmat is supplied in a durable High Visibiity rail bag which allows the it to be accessed easilly and quickly in the case of an emergency

Stress testing demonstrates the MobMat can easily take weights in excess of 350Kg

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