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MobMat brings a simple and effective solution to man overboard recovery for small craft, especially for short handed crew, No complicated set up, just connect to a halyard and put over the side for fast and simple deployment


The MobMat system is a semi rigid lifting cradle. The casualty is not rolled up the side of the vessel but remains horizontal, This reduces the chances of heart failure due to hydrostatic squeeze


MobMat is now supplied complete with a rugged rail bag for safe and accessible storage on the guard rails of your boat. This means that should there be a need to use the Mobmat it is immediately available without having to delve into a locker. This design was tested during two Atlantic crossings and has proven to be ideal for the task


MobMat can also be used with the supplied cover sheet as a collision mat to protect against ingress of water through the hull in case of a leak or damage



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